$5000 USD Give Away Promotion

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$5000 USD Give Away Promotion

November 1, 2017 Promotions 7

A New Promotion has started and now we got a $5000 USD give away promotion.

iCenter.co want to bring awareness about our fantastic and sustainable project, not because we need people, but to change peoples lives with a realistic project that is proven to work.

We did a Little Test Run for 2 days, and it has been a huge success.

So, starting officially TODAY, we are giving away $100 USD in Bitcoin investment for the NEXT 50 days to totally random people, there is no need to invest but you need to have OUR BOT.

Rules and Requirements to Qualify

  1. You Must Like our Facebook Page
  2. You Must Share Publicly on your Facebook Wall, Like and Comment our Daily Promotion Post (they are Marked with the tag #iCenterPromo)


Everyday a winner will be randomly picked by our software, if it does not have all the requirements to qualify, another winner will be picked. All the winners will be announced daily via our BOT. If you are the winner, just send us a message on our Facebook Page with your BOT referral Link in order to receive your $100 USD BOT Investment.

You can apply as many times you want, even if you already won once, you can apply again.

Good Luck, and start Sharing, commenting and liking our post, Let’s together tell everyone how great iCenter.co really is!

Don’t you know how iCenter Works?

Speak with the person that sent you this page, or click on the button to see all the basic details.

Learn how to earn Bitcoins Online, CLICK THE BUTTON


ICenter.co Team

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