Challenge – Post and Earn Bitcoins

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Challenge – Post and Earn Bitcoins

August 2, 2017 News Promotions 0

Challenge – Post and Earn Bitcoins

Let’s see who gets the most amount of likes, comments and shares!

This is a very simple Challenge, just post on Facebook what you like best about  the project, add your referral link (if you want), a creative image or video (you can choose from Marketings Materials or your own) add the Hashtag #iCenterBitcoinChallenge, the Hashtag is very important so we can track all the posts.
you can post on your Facebook wall or in Groups, but only the ones that accept advertisements, please don’t SPAM!

Here is a Sample Post you can get ideas from, THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE:

Earn Bitcoins every 6 hours with a real project, daily reports and simple system, Comment for info


If you add a great image to that post, you will get loads of comments asking for info. That means loads of potential referrals for you. Just make sure you have some info prepared to send them or just send them to our bitcoin Bot Page. Remember to add your Referral code at the end of the URL, to do so, you get your code by pressing “My Team” on your Bot, copy the part after the question mark “?start=YourNumber”  and add it to the end of the URL. This works on any of our URL’s.

If you need any Help just join the group on Telegram or contact our Facebook Page:

Challenge will Finnish on the 31th of August 2017 at Midnight GMT+1

the top posts that will receive the most comments, likes and shares  all together will receive:

1st Place – $250USD in Bitcoins investment

2nd Place – $100USD

3rd Place – $50USD

4th and 5th place – $25USD each

6th to 11th place – $11USD each

We will Update the Challenge every Week, and the Winners will be announced and featured on our Website. Do Team Work and Help each other, you will all benefit from it

Good Luck
iCenter Team

PS: No Investment required to participate, we do not accept edited posts

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