is Launching the New iCenter LiteCoin BOT!

Your Investment Center is Launching the New iCenter LiteCoin BOT!

December 8, 2017 News 0

iCenter is officially launching the New LiteCoin BOT and YOU can’t miss it!
This announcement comes as a Celebration of our 5th-month anniversary!

As a response to the ongoing growth of Bitcoin Value, as a solution to cutting fees costs down to a minimum without compromising our project performance and credibility, decided to offer the option to deposit investments in Litecoin with a New iCenter Litecoin BOT.

It has been an interesting challenge as we wanted for the Bot to have the same client database as our Bitcoin Bot, but due to Telegram Rules, it’s actually impossible to do so because people have to manually accept the Bot, we cannot just add their username to the database.

This will give everyone the possibility, if they want, to stay with the same team or not! If people do want to stay with the same upline, all they need is to send us a message once they got their iCenter Litecoin Bot going (coming soon).

This Bot will have a few added features that our current Bot doesn’t have. After calculating fees in relation to the predicted growth of Litecoin, we are very proud to tell you how the Litecoin bot will work, bare in mind we kept the same concept and ideology of “KISS”, Keep It Stupid Simple!

with This BOT we achieve a few great Points:

  1. Lower entryway, reachable to more people starting at around 10USD Deposit at the current Litecoin Price (0.1 LTC)
  2. Lower withdraws starting at 10 USD at the current Litecoin Price (0.1 LTC)
  3. Lower Reinvestments Starting at around 10 USD at the current Litecoin Price (0.1 LTC)
  4. Four levels of Referrals, 10%, 3%, 1% and 1%
  5. Faster Transactions, no more waiting a few days for a transaction to reach a destination.
  6. Lower Fees at around 0.25 USD per transaction
  7. 1.4% daily for 99 days!
  8. A Second option
  9. An additional income source for many.
iCenter LiteCoin Bot

iCenter LiteCoin Bot

Our Bitcoin BOT has been a success for over 5 Month, Now our Litecoin BOT will make accessible to EVERYONE’s Pockets! No matter if you are a small, medium or Big investor, our commitment is to become everyone’s Investment Center, and with the results from the past 5 months, we are definitely on right track to achieve our goal.

This is the Current Litecoin Price in relation to USD:

The Launch date for our LiteCoin BOT is Set to the 20th of December 2017 with 5 Days pre-launch for our current iCenter Members to Position!

You can start getting ready for Litecoin by getting a wallet on the Litecoin Website and adding funds, Using this to exchange

This is All for now, if you want to learn how to earn Bitcoins Online, CLICK THE BUTTON



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