iCenter Ponzi? Important KISS Method.

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iCenter Ponzi? Important KISS Method.

February 5, 2018 News Our Partners 0

Important KISS Method. Is iCenter Ponzi?

People keep contacting us with the wrong assumptions about iCenter Ponzi and unfortunately is because of all the crazy amount of Ponzi projects out there!

is iCenter ponzi?

is iCenter Ponzi? is not a Ponzi, and if you are looking for a system to make LOADS of money in the short run and have most of your team lose, you are in the wrong place! Our revenue comes from our partners and anyone can earn money from our partners themselves at their own risk. Just remember that some of our Partners are HYIP projects and we don’t advise anyone to invest directly with them!

The easiest way for duplication is by using a very powerful method called K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple Stupid).
Please don’t ask us to complicate everything.

We were just replying to someone who told us we are “misleading” about our LiteBot (well both BOT’s, really) and we fell this information should go out to everyone… Just in case.

In any way we are trying to undermine the person who we wrote this message too, it’s actually the other way around, this is the type of feedback we need to always keep improving.

We hope this helps everyone and thank you to all who are working hard to make iCenter great.

Read it all, and see the great video we did at the end that symbolizes your future with iCenter.

Thank you
iCenter. Team

Hello (name),

I’m sorry but people just like to complicate what we made as simple as possible.

if you press the button “HELP” on your BOT you get this information:
Help ?
Who are we?

Our official launch was on 06.07.17.
We strive to offer a project you can trust and use to achieve financial freedom
With our vast experience in the areas of engagement, we help entrepreneurs invest wisely and earn recipes from over 20 different sources of income just by investing in one place.

You can see where your money is going and where it’s coming from on a daily basis via our reports, you can find our reports on our website at

What we Offer?

– 1.4% of your investment Daily for 99 days
– Earning every 6 hours
– Min. Investment 0.1 LTC
– Min. Reinvest 0.1 LTC
– Min. Withdraw 0.1 LTC
– Referral Bonus in 4 Levels:
.Level 1 – 10%
.Level 2 – 3%
.Level 3 – 1%
.Level 4 – 1%
– Always an Exciting Promotion
– Consistency and Stability
– Support Room: @iCenter_Eng_Support
– Live support via the Website
– Daily Reports about the Project
– Project with 5 years Plan

Where is this information Misleading?
it’s actually very clear “1.4% of your investment Daily for 99 days”

At no point we say that we give the investment at the end… we already did for 99 days, at no point we say that is 1.4% profit, it’s not! Where are we Misleading?

we have also done articles explaining how iCenter works and is sustainable Just like this one:

After reading this, is iCenter Ponzi?
Definitely NOT!

Now, what we see is people being misinformed by their uplines, who didn’t do their due diligence correctly and learn how iCenter really works.

But if anyone is still feeling we iCenter mislead anyone, please ask them to contact us, and we will give a full refund and take any commissions that were paid to the uplines who are responsible for informing their downlines correctly!

In relation to a calculator,
We don’t have a calculator for the simple reason that the total earnings in iCenter are variable due to the Bonuses that we apply in relation to our partner’s performance.

Again, Keep it Simple, that is the best duplicable way.

Thank you and really hope this information helped.

Enjoy the great Video we have for you

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