New Partner #0029 – Please Help us Welcome to the Team

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New Partner #0029 – Please Help us Welcome to the Team

October 3, 2017 Our Partners 1

New Partner #0029 – Please Help us Welcome EXPASSET to the Team

EXP ASSET product is an educational platform in the field of trading on the capital markets, among others: forex, cryptocurrency, and start-ups… So far they have been delivering results like clock-work, so we decided to add EXP ASSET as a partner. We consider EXPASSET as a great business, however, if you want to invest directly, please do with caution and at your own risk. Considering the results against the risk, it is well worth investing… and so far safe to promote!

Who’s the mastermind of the company?

ExpAsset Founder Patrick Krupiński

ExpAsset Founder Patrick Krupiński

This is a key question when you choose a company to work. Patrick Krupiński, creator, and Manager of EXPASSET. Brought up in Luxembourg is one of the best traders in Europe, a respected expert in the financial industry, including trading. Patrick has over 13 years experience in trading gaining experience with an elite of German traders, people that are seen as the stock market authorities. He then worked in the Ig as a trader in Poland. Currently trains other traders. Thanks to Patrick we can feel safe, learn to trade and participate in EXPASSET Company profits (about 1% per day).


As Quoted on EXPASSET:

Our main passion is technology. Based on years of experience we are able to provide services that are incomparable to any other company. ExpAsset is providing access to live trading sessions and educational materials on the level that will bring clients satisfaction to unheard level of these times.
Our users can also follow real-time trading of our trader team. We are glad and happy to share this amazing solution with the widest audience on all continents.
Revolutionizing the solution of our services is a possibility of bringing financial benefits to our customers that outweigh the price of the service. All of our ongoing projects are at an advanced stage of development. That includes the own international brokerage house which will be set up in the third quarter of 2017, micropayment system for retail clients, and very sophisticated cryptocurrency mining systems based on the most efficient renewable energy generation technologies which is planned to operate by the end of 2017.

The EXPASSET services provided by the Company should not be seen as investment advice or recommendation by the Company or affiliated companies to perform buy, sell or hold a particular security, financial product or instrument that has a relation to the performance of such investment. The Company is not registered as an investment advisor or brokerage firm.

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