October 16th, 2017 Report – AURUM-BANK.COM Scam Alert

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October 16th, 2017 Report – AURUM-BANK.COM Scam Alert

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October 16th, 2017 Report – AURUM-BANK.COM Scam Alert

Welcome to another Report October 16th, 2017 Report – AURUM-BANK.COM Scam Alert

Beware of this project #0026 AURUM-BANK.COM, it has been reported NOT PAYING by many people. So far, all our withdraws were paid up to last week, we are waiting for the last one placed on Friday. Not trusted.

We also want to announce the winners of an internal contest we did just for members where we are giving away a total of 250 USD.
It is supposed to be 3 winners, but only 2 people send us their videos. So there is still 1 person to be awarded.

These are the 2 winners

1st Place – Miguel Salvador : 6,362 Views – Reward $125 USD investment

2nd Place – Ani Khan: 2,717 Views – Reward $75 USD investment

3rd Place – To Be Awarded – Reward  $50 USD investment

The Rewards should be making part of the winner’s investments in the Next 24 hours.

We Noticed there are a few Videos online about iCenter.co, if you want yours to be considered for the 50 USD investment that was not awarded, please send it to us on our facebook page: http://fb.com/icenter.co
we will consider this reward until the end of this month of October.

About the Report, apart from the partner that turned scam, everything is going very good.  We have already registered partner #0036 as a Loss, as you can see in the Report. Notice that we are currently just over half of this month and are currently in 54% total income! Obviously, this is due to the compound we perform on the investments but is an incredible achievement. Well done Everyone!

October 16th, 2017 Report - AURUM-BANK.COM Scam Alert

October 16th, 2017 Report – AURUM-BANK.COM Scam Alert

This is all for now

Thank you all for our great success.

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These Reports are extremely important for you to understand how YOUR/OUR business iCenter.co is performing and moving forward. You need to keep your self always updated and if you don’t understand the reports, have a look at our Explanation Page.

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Thank you and Keep Pushing!
iCenter.co Team

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